Easy Dominoes

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This tool allows you to quickly set up elaborate, non physics based domino runs in a matter of seconds. Simply apply the geometry node modifier to any curve and start designing!


  • Domino geometry node modifier with various parameters to get for full control (params listed below)
  • High quality domino model complete with photorealistic PBR material. Looks great in both eevee and cycles.
  • Sample HDRI
  • Quick start readme


  • Reverse domino direction
  • Domino spacing, random spacing and lateral randomness
  • Animation start frame
  • Speed multiplier
  • 8 separate values for tweaking the contact points of the dominoes as they fall into each other.

Not Included:

  • Indoor scene shown in promo images
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Everything described in the description is included in the zip file.

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Easy Dominoes

0 ratings
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